RW Function: RW_GetCommentText

This Report Writer function is another Standard GP Function, which works very similar to function RW_GetNoteText ().

This function is available to retrieve the Comment Text associated with a Comment ID. This particular function is very helpful when we use Comments extensively and create relevant reports with Comments.

The prototype of this Function is:

Function: RW_GetCommentText
Parameter 1: Comment ID (String)
Parameter 2: Number of Characters per Line (Integer)
Parameter 3: Line Number to Return (Integer)
Yes, what you are seeing above is exactly a replica of RW_GetNoteText() function’s prototype and each Parameter’s explanation is exactly the same.
The only difference is that we pass Comment ID, instead of Note ID, and retrieve the Comment Text. And of course, the underlying table is also different.
If someone out there wondering whether to write a function of his/her own to retrieve Comment Text, refer to this article and breath easy. We have a function already.



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