IM Error – Argument ‘Index’ is not a valid value.

I have been working on a Go-Live and been really hectic for the past 2 weeks.

Data Uploads, as usual, and suddenly this error was taking my entire energy. I thought I would blog this one issue which has got no mentioning in any of the forum(s) or KB as well.

I mapped and started integrating Sales Order transactions thru’ Integration Manager (IM). As soon as I started the integration, it threw the following error message:

Argument ‘Index’ is not a valid value.

No clue, absolutely. I searched this error message and got very VB.NET and C#.NET related posts. No idea whatsoever.

Verified my mappings, twice thrice, and everything looked OK. Or was that really OK? Nope.

I decided to do a Post-Mortem of my Integration Mapping again and found one silly error:

I forgot to select a Constant value for my “SOP Type” field. I was fiddling with the options, “Use Source Field” & “Use Constant”. And in due course somehow it just got cleaned up and no Constant value selected.

I selected the option “Use Source Field” and ran the integration. The error message vanished.


1. When you face this error for any integration, just make sure that you have selected proper Source Field or Constant Value for all Required and Primary Key field(s).
2. Read this article of mine: Little Bit of Philosophy. I myself falling into the same trap of being ignorant of very trivial things. Should be very careful henceforth.



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