Dynamics GP 2010 – Service Call Enhancement

One of the most helpful enhancement in Field Service – Service Call Management is that, we are now able to enter a Non-Inventory Item on a Service Call.

What does that mean for Service Industry Clients? They do not have to maintain all kinds of Service related tasks, such as Installation, Maintenance, etc. as Inventory “Service Charges” items.

To enter Non-Inventory Items on a Service Call Spares window, one must enable “Allow Non-Inventoried Items” under “Options” section in “Service Setup” form, which is accessed from Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Setup -> Project -> Service Setup. Shown as below:

Once this is setup, you can then enter any Non-Inventory Item on Spares Entry window. Sample one is shown below:

The one which I entered as “INSTALLATION” is a Non-Inventoried Item. And whenever we enter such Items, we get “EACH” as our Unit of Measure, as it is in SOP Entry.

Very useful feature and I know how much it is going to help my current assignment, had this been introduced a bit early.



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