Importance of PO Line Item Entry Dates

How many of you, PO users, use the following dates on a PO Line Item Detail Entry window in Dynamics GP?


GP defaults all appropriate fields with User Date, but user can change it with actuals.

These dates are not mere dates. They offer critical means to improve vendor followups. And this could be done per PO line item. For instance, you can create a SmartList custom alert and add it on your GP home page (Reminder Cue) for those PO line items whose Current Promised Date is reached & PO line status is not Closed, Received or Cancelled.

It’s a pain, though, to make this dates entry happen. In my case, users always would say that it’s too much of a data entry and they already have something else as followup mechanism. But trust me, they are fooling themselves (first) and the company overall.



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