Autocomplete Information in GP – Additional Info.

This is another interesting post with loads of information about Autocomplete Data in GP. Leslie Vail explains us what’s it all about Autocomplete Data in GP and where it’s stored.

Read it here: Autocomplete Data for GP – It’s not really a Mystery.

I would like to share one more interesting information along with this post.

Because of the path where this Autocomplete Data is stored, if you have two different GP versions (10 & 2010) and you have the same Company DB name (such as TWO), then whatever you see in GP10 as Autocomplete Data will also be shown in GP2010.

For instance, I enter a value “VAIDHY” on a Customer ID field in GP2010, this new value gets stored in Autocomplete Data file. When you open GP10 and try to enter a Customer ID starting with letter “V”, this value “VAIDHY” will be listed as well.

Purely because, irrespective of versions (only from GP10), GP stores it’s Autocomplete Data in User Roaming Data folder under “Microsoft Dynamics GP”, as explained by Leslie.

Sometimes good, sometimes a drawback. Depends on how you use two versions.



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