GPWindow – A Site for Dynamics GP Resources by Jivtesh

Jivtesh has come up with a noble concept; his new website called

Let me share with you about what I liked in this site:

1. The left panel lists us the top sites, based on the number of posts. For a Blogger like me: This means, the one who regularly blogs will get a chance to get more visibility. For a User who looks for a blog: This means, you have got a fair idea about the list of top most GP Blogs which are there for you.

2. The right panel recommends some of the GP Articles. Any post in any blog that has got a mention from other Bloggers or websites or forums.

3. On the top, there is a tab which takes you to:
3.1. Recommended Links: Those links from all GP blogs that are recommended by anyone out there in his/her blog, forum, website, newsgroups, etc. Awesome, isn’t it?
3.2. Latest Links: As the name suggests.
3.3. Top Hits: Those posts which got the most number of hits.

4. Center Panel gives us the best part; Categorization of posts. This is done by parsing post titles and categorizes it based on several keywords. While this list is not yet complete, it’s still comprehensive.

5. And finally there is a Custom Search, designed and created by Jivtesh. This is exactly what I am using in my blog as well. This allows users to focus on one place and get what they want without searching on different sites.

As the site name suggests, it’s clearly a Window to your GP resources.

What it means for a Blogger like me?

1. I am quite happy personally to have got listed as #5. Quite an achievement by me. Considering the fact that I started blogging for a completely different reason but got hooked to this beautiful concept called Knowledge Sharing. This opened up to me an entirely different community dedicated selflessly to help users, consultants & themselves. So it’s quite a proud moment.

2. I also feel very responsible now that my blog is listed. I must be up-to-date, relevant to what I write, accurate in what I share & should be right on concept.

3. I tend to work more on my blog & newsgroup activities, so that I learn more and I share even more to you all.

What it means for a user like me?

1. My search time is quite less from now on. I just open this site and enter what I want to know. Custom Search goes thru’ each and every GP site listed in David Musgrave’s blog and get what you want.

2. I get to see the most active blogs in GP Blogosphere.

3. I get almost anything that I wish to learn from one place.

And more, of course…

Thanks to Jivtesh for this wonderful concept site.

Important: Do post your feedbacks by clicking on Contact. This will enable Jivtesh to keep this site well maintained and improved.



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