Item Qty Allocated, Oh But Actually Not…! – Issue & Fix

This took my life past 2 days and yesterday I was so relieved to have to fixed.

Issue: For a specific set of Inventory Items, Item Stock information was showing up incorrectly. The Qty Allocated is showing some units, but the user swore on everything in this world that it’s not possible. Well he had a point to substantiate his argument. Upon drilling down from Qty Allocated in Item Qty/Site Maintenance (or Inquiry), nothing showed up.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. First thing, I checked is whether any of these items had been used on a Service Call Parts Entry. If that’s the case, then Qty Allocated will be of that respective units, but it won’t be listed in the Allocated Documents list when we drill down. Result: NONE.

2. Ran a reconciliation on these items, hoping that it would clear any unnecessary Qty Information. Result: NONE.

Now that’s a real mess. Need some quirky way to find the cause & solution.

3. [CAUTION: Do not try this out unless you know what you are doing.] I took a backup of Live and restored it on Test. Then I updated the Quantity Information in IV00102 table manually based on User’s inputs. BUT, decided to run the reconcile since I was not sure about this manual update. Result: It reverted back whatever I had updated. And back to square one.

GREAT…!!! The above step at least confirmed that there IS A VALID DOCUMENT which is holding this quantity.

4. Queried SOP10200 (SOP Line Work) table to see the lines containing one of these items. There was one SOP Order, which was doubtful. Queried SOP10100 (SOP Header Work) for that Order. THAT’S IT… I FOUND IT…

Cause: The erroneous SOP Order had not been either posted or saved properly. The reason may be due a GP Application Hang which would have forced the user to kill the session. Once we kill the session when we are entering SOP Document, SOP10200 table will contain the records without any issues, but SOP10100 table would lose all the information that we had entered other than SOP Number, SOP Type and SOP Document ID. Not even Customer ID and Default Location.

These items had been allocated on this Order technically, but since the user would have killed the session, he thought he had to reenter the document and did so. Didn’t face this issue, till he ran out of stock.

Solution: I released this SOP Order for the user to retain/delete so it would release those Allocated Units from our Inventory. Check my article, SOP – “This document has been posted.” Error & Resolution, on how to release such SOP Documents.



11 thoughts on “Item Qty Allocated, Oh But Actually Not…! – Issue & Fix

  1. Hi Vaidy, I am also facing same issue, I tried all steps as you mentioned on this page, but unfortunately still my issue is not been solved, its showing high quantity on allocation while i click on allocated quantity its showing very less, I reconcile inventory all items but still I could not get solution. Kindly help. Thanks Amin


  2. sorry , could you mind if you make the steps a gain , but i need it by 1-.2-.3- , i'm how can i do at first and then 2- (etc) so please i need your help in this problem , actually i realized the SOP from(this document has been posted) and the quantity not return a gain to the same item but it's hidden or deleted so how can i return this quantity to this item ? very necessaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  3. hi vaidy,

    Im facing the excat issue. No records in header table and records found in line table.
    you given a link with solution but the link is not working. Please can u, share the link or provide the solution.

    My error is ” This document has been removed from sales order processing”


  4. I am facing different while sending the serial qty to GP through econnect it actually adding that qty with total qty and after posting it in GP it shows the same as previous total record

    for EXAMPLE:- If total lot quantity contains 100 means while i am adding 3 serial numbers and sending it into GP, then the total quantity turns into 103 and after posting. it turns to 100
    while it has to be 97

    please give us a solution to how to fix it


  5. hai vaidy,
    i ma having the same issue. but here the item is a raw material, with serial/lot tracked. its not a sale item. i reconciled it but still showing allocated and on drilldown its empty… how to solve this…


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