CRM GP Adapter Series – Overview

The best thing that could happen for Dynamics GP is the CRM Integration tool. This leverages the GP Functionality and extends it to CRM (or vice versa may be). There are so many things that I could talk about this beautiful Integration Tool. Some of them are:

1. Free of cost (though it must be obtained thru’ a Partner).
2. No extra software licenses.
3. eConnect as backbone.
4. Utilizes GP Web Services thoroughly.
5. Easy to use.

6. Scheduling each and every Integration to and fro GP & CRM.
7. A perfect two-way integration model without much hassles.
8. Very intuitive configuration (though it requires a bit of technical knowledge).
9. Tools such as Picklist Configuration, enhances the control of data flow.
10. Standard CRM Fields & Custom CRM Fields mapping To & Fro GP.

… and more.

There are several comprehensive tools available from reputed ISVs such as SmartConnect from eOne. And those are pretty elaborative and extensive. But this particular tool from Microsoft Team does give you what you require as basic need. To integrate data from CRM to GP and vice versa.

Not all clients would require elaborative tool for their day to day business. For instance, a business unit which require to integrate only Accounts (CRM) and Customers (GP) alone does not require a tool more than Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter.

Let’s start discussing about this tool in depth thru’ coming posts in this series.

Disclaimer: I discuss this based on what I have learned and how I have implemented this. I may be focussing on a particular way of implementing and using this. That’s not the end of it. We may have more ways (optimized ways) of implementing and using it. I welcome comments, feedbacks, advises, etc. from all of you to make this series meaningful and informative.



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