Item Site & Primary Vendor Issue

Recently I was working on an Issue which occurred in GP8.0. This one’s pretty interesting I would say.

An Item was created and while entering the Item Quantity/Site Assignment, the user could not save the record. He assigned a Site and assigned a Vendor as Primary Vendor. But clicking on Save did not actually save the record, but on the surface it did seem like saved.

I tried all possible ways but in vain. I then checked the table IV00102 (IV Qty Site Master) to check whether there is any issue pertaining to this Item. And it did. There was a record entered for this Item with a Record Type as 1 (All Sites). Now while the User did not assign this Item to ALL SITES, this record is not possible at all, unless he saved the Specific Site & Primary Vendor Assignment, which did not happen at all. Somehow this record had got created.

I deleted this record from the table and then tried assigning Site and Primary Vendor. It merrily got saved.

Well, I do not know the reason and the exact pattern under which I could recreate this scenario. But it did exist. Probably a One-Off case, or probably something else.



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