FRx Installation Error – Windows Updates

This error is not documented in anywhere I believe. Would be helpful for people to have a reference on this error here.

Couple of days back, I noticed an error message on installing FRx. Below is the screenshot of the error message:

The environment is Windows 7.0 Enterprise and FRx 6.7. Initially the suspect was the Windows 7.0 OS as there is no official word of FRx support on Windows 7.0 yet, if I am not wrong. Checked couple of other sources.

But after reading the message again, I got a doubt on the programs that were running at that time. No active programs were found running. The only final option was to check any Background Process(es) and close it off. Before that I tried installing FRx on my own laptop with the same environment and it proceeded without this message.

The only difference between my laptop and that client machine was Windows Updates running while the installation of FRx. I tried completing the Updates and then restarted the FRx Installation, it worked.

So anyone out there, facing this issue, just make sure that you either complete the Windows Updates or Cancel it for the moment till you install the FRx.



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