Importance of a Source Code Control Program

How important it is to have a Source Code Control program for your Customizations? In my opinion, IT IS VERY MUCH IMPORTANT.

I recently formatted my laptop after taking necessary data backups, which included all of my project source dictionaries. After getting my laptop back from my Systems Team, I found that I forgot to take a backup of one particular Source Dictionary on which I was then working.

It gave me enough nightmares. I still came over it. I had uploaded a version of that Source Dictionary 2 versions prior to the current version. I took that backup and added the changes that I had made on the recent 2 versions. I was relieved and to be honest saved from getting booted.

But it did give me a day full of nightmares and uncertainties over my next move on this project. I never failed to use Source Code Control program, but somehow for this customization, I forgot to amend the Source Code Control with recent 2 versions.

Never ever take this lightly and always use a Source Code Control program to maintain the versions. It’s not so easy to resurrect any lost data. Never been easy to my knowledge.



2 thoughts on “Importance of a Source Code Control Program

  1. Vaidy,Instead of source code control program, then you just need to learn it: ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP! And if your backup fails, always have a backup backup! But in fact having a source code control program might actually be your backup backup for your source codes….


  2. Oh yes, you are absolutely right. Backups are the only Source Code Control program that one can have without much cost and efforts. But then, sometimes the versions go overboard that there would be one very critical script change and I would have to release a version.Vaidy


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