Very Informative Articles across Blogosphere

It’s been a really hectic month for me, doing all sorts of data corrections, troubleshooting, fixes, testing and what not?

But I was still able to read thru’ some of the informative articles across the blogosphere. Here are the list that enlightened me:

1. Preventing Backdated Transactions using VBA – David Musgrave.
2. Report Writer Function to convert Amount in Numbers to Words – David Musgrave.
3. Accessing Third Party Table Buffer on a Cross Dictionary Trigger – Dave Dusek.
4. Report Writer: Making One to Many Relationship to behave like One to One – David Musgrave.
5. Development White Papers Link – David Musgrave.
6. Sampling Data from Extender Tables – Mariano Gomez.
7. Transferring Extender Customizations from One Company to Other – Mariano Gomez.
8. How to find Line Number of an Item : Part I – Mariano Gomez.
9. How to find Line Number of an Item : Part II – Mariano Gomez.
10. Is there a Maximum Number of Lines that can be entered on a Scrolling Window? – Mariano Gomez.
11. Sales Order Processing Posting Statuses – Mariano Gomez.
12. Securing VBA Projects – Mariano Gomez.
13. Accessing Active Directory From SQL Server – Steve Endow.
14. Sending Emails to Business Portal Users using SQL Server – Steve Endow.
15. Landed Costs : Part I – Christina Phillips.
16. Adding Watermarks to a Crystal Report – Victoria Yudin.
17. SQL View for all SOP Line Items – Victoria Yudin.

Yeah, that’s a quite big list, but you would certainly feel enlightened and contended on learning some really important and interesting concepts.



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