I am now "An MCBMS Professional in GP Financials"

It’s was a long due from my side, honestly, to add the much needed Microsoft Certification in any of the Microsoft Dynamics GP. Something that I needed for me to add some value to my career.

So here it is. I am now A Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional in GP10.0 Financials.

There are two things that I would like to share with people who wish to take up Certifications:

1. Importance – Very much. It adds some color to both your profile and your career. It’s not easy for all to pay and attend the examinations to complete one or more certifications. But once you do it, you are certainly a level up against other Consultants. The clients (and Prospects) often check two things in your entire profile; Your Experience and Your Certifications. Certainly people who have completed one or more relevant Certifications hold an upper hand over those who does not.

All said and done, this is precious only if we do it for testing our skills rather than clearing for the sake of it. Ideally, our true skills and expertise will be known only when we put ourselves to rigorous test. And that’s what every Technology Major, like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun etc. does. So, take up the Certification and take it to your heart and mind to be sincere in learning something out of it than to just clear it.

2. Benefits – A lot. Firstly, you are a Certified Professional and that holds tremendous value to your career and profile. As I explained earlier, Clients and Prospects always value you based on your Experience and Credentials that include your certification(s). Secondly, you are more confident in taking up any task. It’s not just that you have completed a certification, but you know the concepts. And that is possible, only if you have sincerely put in your efforts to learn something and complete the certification.

There are much more.

Bottomline: Sincerely take up certifications and complete it to add some color to your career and also to add some skills to your skillset. Take the certifications after gaining some experience, as it will help you to attend the examination confidently. You don’t have to prepare for it. You just have to attend it.

I am grateful to many people, especially Sajeesh (my PM), who kept insisting me on completing this. Without his encouraging words, I would not have even thought of giving it a shot.

Dedication: My wife is instrumental in whatever I do in my life for the past 2 years. I dedicate this first certification to her.

Ofcourse, there is much more to achieve and this is just a start.


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