GP10-Citrix-Outlook : Thanks Mark

Thanks so much Mark, for pointing this to us (GP 10 + Citrix+ Outlook Fix). Probably this would have sounded simple and people tend to overlook this issue, as not all are working on a Citrix environment.

But this is a much needed solution for me, to say the least. As you had pointed out, honestly I am one among those who advised to take Outlook settings out of GP Home Page. And till date, that’s the only solution I knew of.

Well, the credit goes to Andrew Cooper who replied to Micheal Smith’s query on the Google Groups (GP 10 Home Page + Outlook + Citrix Server = CRASH!). We would have certainly been ignorant of such a weird reason to this nagging issue.

To all the consultants, please take a note of this and it may help you sometime in the future.

Thanks again, Mark.



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