Storing & Displaying Images


Can we able to save image in tables & display it in forms and reports( retrieved from table where it saved)



3 thoughts on “Storing & Displaying Images

  1. Arun,To my knowledge, Dex does not support dynamic usage of pictures. The basic reason, if I assume it correctly, is SQL Server. SQL Server tables & fields should have the power of saving the picture files.I had to cater for a similar requirement of one of my clients. For that I did a workaround. 1. Employee Photos had to be displayed on selected an employee from Employee Maintenance form.2. I stored all the Employee photos on a Shared Folder on Server.3. I saved the path on a Custom table for each Employee.4. Modified the Employee Maintenance form to have one small square Push Button with some glassy icon which represented a Face.5. Designed a form in VBA to just show the snap while clicking on the added Push Button.This could lend some information to you.BTW, you may want to look into some of David's Hybrid customization samples. That would also help us out.Vaidy


  2. Dexterity does have a picture datatype which is stored as a BLOB in the data tables. It is limited to 32Kb size (as an uncompressed bitmap) and uses cut and paste to “edit” the image.I have only seen this used as part of the AFA (Advanced Financial Analysis) report module. AFA was our reporting tool built into Dynamics before FRx came around.David


  3. David,Couple of things to know more about this:1. I did try with a sample app for Employee Card, to store the snapshot of an Employee. I added a field of type “Picture” to the new form. When I try to COPY the BMP from MSPAINT and PASTE it onto the Picture field on my form, it does not. Am I missing something?2. 32KB is possible only when we compress the picture to the least dimension and then save it as a 16 Bit BMP (or 256 Color BMP). Is there any improvement in future, with the evolution of SQL Server 2008 as well as the Dex itself?Vaidy


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