A Different Splash Screen for Dynamics GP

After the feature of adding a voice message welcoming us to Dynamics GP Application, here is one more different and pretty cool thing that we can do to our Dynamics GP. We can change the default Splash screen to the one which we would always like to see.

Read this article on David’s blog: Customize the Microsoft Dynamics GP Splash Screen.

Like it is mentioned, I did try with a completely different picture by renaming it to “splash.bmp” and copy it to the GP Application Folder. Wow, that’s pretty cool to see something different and something which I like the most whenever I log on to Dynamics GP.

It will be even more interesting to see some graphical image (Animated GIFs) support, but one can always desire more and more…



5 thoughts on “A Different Splash Screen for Dynamics GP

  1. The ability to have a splash screen called splash.bmp as added in v3.0, but first used in v5.5. My post has screens from v5.5 to v10.0. There is a link to a post by Mariano that shows the splash screens for all the versions.Only uncompressed bitmaps are supported so no animated gifs… sorry.Davidhttp://blogs.msdn.com/DevelopingForDynamicsGP/


  2. David, we did try this on v8.0 but it was showing a blackened splash screen, instead of the bmp which we added.Is there any reason (anything at all) that could have caused this?To my only guess, this could have been an issue with the picture file; it indeed was a BMP file, but format might have caused this.Vaidy


  3. Make sure that the bitmap file is an uncompressed bitmap of the same size (dimensions and file size) as splash.bmp.How about you use paint.exe to modify the splash800.bmp from my post and then rename it to splash.bmp.Davidhttp://blogs.msdn.com/DevelopingForDynamicsGP/


  4. Yeah, the issue is with the format of the BMP which was copied on to the GP folder.Once we save it as a BMP after opening it from MS Paint, it does work.Vaidy


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