Regarding to GL table

What is the main difference between GL00100 and GL10105?

(both are contain mostly same records)


2 thoughts on “Regarding to GL table

  1. Jegan,Take a look at these two tables again very carefully.You would find critical differences with respect to the data. Both tables contain Accounts and related information. Please go thru’ the following points:1. GL00100 table contains complete Account information, such as Posting Type, Typical Balance, etc… all which you can see in Account Maintenance form. 2. Whereas GL00105 contains only Account Index, Account Segment values and Account Number String value.3. GL00100 is the basis of your COA.4. GL00105 is just to store a string value of your Account Number, for easy access to know the complete Acocunt Number.Apart from this, I have not come across any critical necessity for GL00105.Vaidy


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