Intention of "Itemcode" in SOP_LINE_WORK ?

Any one knows, what is the purpose of having “itemcode” in SOP Line Work table.
I have gone through SDK but i am getting only below statement,
Item Code: Field similar to UPC Code – is not unique for each item.

But i am not getting exactly what it means. Please any one let me know, intention of itemcode in SOP Line work, and its usage.



4 thoughts on “Intention of "Itemcode" in SOP_LINE_WORK ?

  1. Prabu,Item Code is a hidden field in SOP_LINE_WORK table, which is nothing but the UPC Code. This is probably used extensively in Manufacturing Module.Check the same in IV00101 table. You may get some clue about this field. But to know better, we may have to do some R&D on this.Vaidy


  2. Microsoft is saying “Microsoft is saying it is an international field that is going to be used for future expansion. Since the field is a string, it should always be empty or null.” But this is applicable up to 7.5 GP version. I will try to get more information soon.


  3. To add further, this field is not used anywhere in GP and by any of the GP processes.Most of the clients who maintain a Barcode for each of their Item, wanted to store the Barcode Number somewhere directly on Item Maintenance screen, instead of showing it on User-Defined fields. ITEMCODE (or UPC Code – Universal Product Code) is the one the developers targetted to store the value, but how to show this on Item Maintenance was their primary doubt.This could be done only by doing some combined Modifier and VBA customizations. Add this field from Modifier to that screen and use VBA to pull in the value to the screen and save it once it is entered.As Sajeesh had mentioned, this field will be explicitly used by GP itself in future. Not sure, whether it will be used for the Barcode reason or for something else.Awaiting further comments on this.Vaidy


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