WIN2008, SQL2008 & GP10 – Issue & Resolution

This one may or may not have caught the attention of Consultants. So here you have it.

I was working on a GP 10.0 SP4 installation on the following environment:

1. Windows Server 2008 Standard
2. SQL Server 2008
3. GP 10.0 SP4
4. 64 Bit Environment

I installed SQL Server 2008 first and then installed GP 10.0. When I launched my GP Utilities, the ODBC Data Source to SQL Server was not listed at all. I must admit that I did not search any forums or KB to find out the reason and solution.

But I found this: SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 R2 must be applied with SP1 mandatorily. This was the reason my ODBC DSN did not get listed in my GP Utilities. I applied SQL2008 SP1 and it worked.



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