GP2016 – Feature of the Day – Web Client Search & Sales All-In-One Viewer

Continuing from the first feature, we have got Web Client Search & Sales AIO (All-In-One) Document Viewer.

I am quite interested in the second one; Sales AIO Document Viewer. This would be more helpful, in the lines of already available Purchasing AIO Document Viewer.

Web client search is another great feature that would help us a lot. It may not sound a great functionality, but how many times have you tried to find out where a window/report is? How many windows/reports that you know by heart, that you would not require a help to find one?

However, I am interested more to see if this would work for ALL windows/reports. Theoretically, it does sound like it would. I would love to see if that works for all resources; standard/ISV/customisation windows/reports.

Let’s wait for the release to know more.



Document Attachment in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

I am a bit late on this topic. We already have many posts (including Feature of the Day – Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP) on this written by several community members. So instead of repeating it again, I am just adding pointers here to those posts.

To just brief what it is: Document Attachment is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, which would enhance the way we currently deal with document attachments on a record. If you had sensed it right, yes it’s almost like OLE Notes, but much more than that.

This scores above OLE Notes, purely on grounds of three main factors:

  1. It doesn’t restrict itself to 32 bit architecture, like OLE notes container does.
  2. It is compatible with Web Client, but OLE notes is not.
  3. It stores the attachments on company specific SQL tables. You heard it right. It stores on database by harnessing SQL Server’s file stream, if I am not wrong.

More information about this (and how to use) could be read on below posts:


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 – Feature Videos

Awesome way to learn what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP (official GP blog) has posted a list of all Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature videos.

I personally checked out some videos and it’s highly informative, but have not gone thru’ the entire collection though.

Go ahead and explore the videos. I am sure you will start planning to optimise some of your business processes after seeing these new features.


GP2013 – Feature of the Day – Inventory Reason Codes

The first feature published on this series is the Inventory Transaction Reason Codes. You have a nicely made small PPT presentation attached which explains this new feature.

My Opinion:

It’s certainly a welcome feature after all, though it’s not a game changer altogether.

I used to instruct my clients to enter a note on every IV adjustment passed, be it a positive adjustment or a negative one. And most of them (99% to be precise) have not followed it. They simply do not want to reason those adjustments, however genuine it might be. Later when auditing happens, they would run around to figure out why exactly they posted those entries.

With this, at least, we have an option to classify each adjustment meaningfully and take a stock of such entries. Auditors would also be happy to know about it.

Question(s)Is this Reason Code a MANDATORY for each adjustment? If not, then the purpose is lost.

Let’s wait and see.