GP2013 – Feature of the Day – Inventory Reason Codes

The first feature published on this series is the Inventory Transaction Reason Codes. You have a nicely made small PPT presentation attached which explains this new feature.

My Opinion:

It’s certainly a welcome feature after all, though it’s not a game changer altogether.

I used to instruct my clients to enter a note on every IV adjustment passed, be it a positive adjustment or a negative one. And most of them (99% to be precise) have not followed it. They simply do not want to reason those adjustments, however genuine it might be. Later when auditing happens, they would run around to figure out why exactly they posted those entries.

With this, at least, we have an option to classify each adjustment meaningfully and take a stock of such entries. Auditors would also be happy to know about it.

Question(s)Is this Reason Code a MANDATORY for each adjustment? If not, then the purpose is lost.

Let’s wait and see.



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