GP2016 – Feature of the Day – Web Client Search & Sales All-In-One Viewer

Continuing from the first feature, we have got Web Client Search & Sales AIO (All-In-One) Document Viewer.

I am quite interested in the second one; Sales AIO Document Viewer. This would be more helpful, in the lines of already available Purchasing AIO Document Viewer.

Web client search is another great feature that would help us a lot. It may not sound a great functionality, but how many times have you tried to find out where a window/report is? How many windows/reports that you know by heart, that you would not require a help to find one?

However, I am interested more to see if this would work for ALL windows/reports. Theoretically, it does sound like it would. I would love to see if that works for all resources; standard/ISV/customisation windows/reports.

Let’s wait for the release to know more.



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