GP Web Client: Rendering Issue – Some Facts

Almost a month back, I had posted my GP web client test drive results on how the client is rendered on Mac based browsers and possible issue with Silverlight plugin. I am probably wrong.

Everything works other than pictures; that’s what I had found. Upon drilling down further, what I realised is that it sounds obvious that it doesn’t work on Mac based browsers. Reason: Native Pictures.

Definition of Native Picture says following:


Consider, for instance, the following snapshot of GP login window on a web client rendered on Mac Safari:


It’s not shown. Initially I thought it was something to do with Silverlight rendering. But not exactly. It’s because, this picture is a Native Picture. And by definition, it’s specific to Windows OS. Look at this picture definition below:


Apparently, by nature, it’s NOT supposed to show up on any OS other than Windows.

It’s not just this picture. Lookup Button icons, Note icons are all Native Picture types. And due to that, they are not going to render on any other OS. And if I am not mistaken, this will remain as it is at least till next major version of GP.

Those who implement GP web client MUST be aware of this.



2 thoughts on “GP Web Client: Rendering Issue – Some Facts

  1. A Very useful information. A good note to remember for the one who is planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP web client version in their Mac OS. Summary, the native picture types are not supported other than the Windows OS. We hope, soon it will be addressed.
    Thanks vaidy for sharing this useful information.



    • Glad that it was useful to you. With more and more cloud ERP slogans raising and with every release of GP assures of certainty, this would become a major issue to be addressed. Unless we give customers a platform-free experience, it’s quite difficult to succeed.

      I am 100% confident GP would emerge as the most sought after ERP on cloud platform.


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