GP 2013 Web Client – Cross Domain Error

This probably would be a common error faced by many of us across the GP world, while trying to access GP 2013 Web Client.

Upon launching GP web client on my browser, it asked me to enter my domain credentials and once I did that, I was greeted with following error:



Complete error message is as follows:

Severity: Critical
Summary: An error occurred while initializing communication with the server.
Details: [CrossDomainError]
Arguments: https://<machine name>.<domain name>:48652/RuntimeService/5652
Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See

Reason is quite trivial; I had entered the url on my browser as follows:

https://<machine name>/GP

Instead, I should have entered the url on my browser as follows:

https://<machine name>.<domain name>/GP

For instance, if my GP web client server name is GPDEV and my domain name is GPDOMAIN.COM, then I should enter my url as follows:

There could be several other reasons for this CrossDomainError issue, but above solution fixed mine.



3 thoughts on “GP 2013 Web Client – Cross Domain Error

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  2. This was exactly my error but I am not sure I am creating the revised URL correctly. I am testing on a Azure VM which maybe clouds (ha, ha) the issue a bit but the URL which leads to the cross domain error when accessing from a browser not on the VM is and I had named the domain (I am with DynAA — the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance). The new URL didn’t feel right and does not work (page cannot be displayed). Nor do a number of variations etc (all lead to page cannot be displayed). If you have a quick thought it would be appreciated.


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