OFF-TOPIC: Snip For Mac OS X – A Snipping Tool Alternative

This is another off-topic. But I wanted to highlight this most handy application called Snip, developed by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited and is also available on Mac App Store.


Those PC users, who also used to be Snipping Tool dependants, and then became Mac OS user, would love to have an application in Mac OS X which would compensate Snipping Tool’s absence.

I used to crib about the lack of an application that I would use to do screen capturing and post-processing those captures. This tool Snip, which I came to know very recently, has done what other applications on Mac platform couldn’t.

We have built-in capturing commands in Mac OS X, such as SHIFT+CMD+4 (to capture a portion of screen), but those commands would simply take the screenshot and immediately save it on your desktop. You then have to reopen it on some other graphics tool to post-process it, such as narrating or simply painting on some text which you do not want to show to others.

This tool is amazingly simple and does exactly what you need. It just sits on that menu bar with a customisable keyboard shortcut to invoke a screen capture.

Go to the official website (link is provided in the beginning of this post) and know more about it.

Trust me, you would most certainly fall in love with this application, if you do tons of screen capturing on your day-to-day Mac OS usage.

UPDATE: There is one more app that is FREE on Mac App Store; named Share Bucket. I think it’s a serious competitor for all currently available apps.



4 thoughts on “OFF-TOPIC: Snip For Mac OS X – A Snipping Tool Alternative

    • Thank you, Matt, on sharing this info. I did check out SimpleCap, but like you said, Snip has an edge towards SimpleCap. Moreover, SimpleCap has not been maintained with full enthusiasm, I feel. Last release date was somewhere in 2010. That’s way too long a period for any software.


      • No sweat. Dev has slowed down on Simplecap you say but there is more functionality e.g. timer, saving to alternate rates and ability to open the image in a choice of 5 shortcuts to other applications. And it works with no issues in OS X 10.8.2.

        I am still keeping Simplecap on my system for now, but Snip is a login item.



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