Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM

My comeback post MUST have to be this.

Microsoft announced the general public availability of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM on 19th December 2012. This has been the biggest release yet, with more than 140 new features. ONE single feature that stands out of all is GP Web Client.

Below are the posts covering this release:

David Musgrave: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Released to Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now available for download.

Mariano Gomez: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Released to Manufactuting (RTM)

Mark Polino: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available!

Second link against David’s name would lead you to links to Dynamics GP 2013 RTM downloads (both from PartnerSource and CustomerSource).

I have started preparing to take my company on to the new version. Excited to say the least. Will share each and every interesting & critical upgrade information as and when I progress.




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