SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services on Safari & Chrome Browsers

This is a very painful issue that took my entire time and effort in solving it.

I am not sure how many of you know that SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services doesn’t support Safari and Chrome browsers (in fact, it’s only partially supported). But it’s high time, you know it. There is a browser support page on Microsoft website, that can be seen here: Planning for Browser Support.

I recently upgraded our SQL Server to 2012 and all my SSRS reports were working till last week. All of a sudden, my reports started showing up nothing other than the report header and parameters section on Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. Since the management team is fully on Apple technologies (Mac OS and Safari browser), it was just critical that these reports stopped working.

Stack Overflow forum has got this gem of an article, which helped me in fixing this issue: SSRS 2008 R2 reports are blank in Safari and Chrome.

The original question was for SQL Server 2008 R2, but the solution works for SQL Server 2012 as well.

I am sure, some of you would face this issue in future, as more and more clients are moving toward different technologies other than Microsoft for day-to-day IT requirements, such as Linux, Mac, mobile OSes (iOS, Android, WP, etc.), but would still want all their BI solutions work as it would on native technology base (in this case, Microsoft).



17 thoughts on “SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services on Safari & Chrome Browsers

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  2. We have another interesting issue: if you leave Chrome browser open with a report result, after a few minutes the MacBook will start to run hot and the fan will kick into high. Not sure what causes that. We just close the browser window.


    • Chrome for Mac had an issue of draining resources and eventually freezing the OS. I am not sure about which version that was, but Google released a fix for that. It was not long back, but not in recent past either. To confirm whether it is happening due to SQL process(es), please try running the report(s) on Safari and notice.


  3. i actually have the opposite Windows XP and IE not working , while Chrome, FireFox works well in SSRS 2012 MSSQL 2012 ,IIS8 environment


  4. Hi,
    I am using SSRS 2008 R2 .
    Problem- When the Report rendered in Chrome it show the some broken images in Header and Footer of report.
    can you please give me any suggestion to resolve the issues.


  5. After all this time, Microsoft really needs to get their s**t together and put out service packs for versions upwards of SSRS 2008 . It boggles the mind that none of their large customers has raised hell because of this. Shame on you Microsoft Server Division.


  6. What about the datepicker issue in Chrome/Safari-type browsers? Also, where is your “article”? I just see where you are referencing a StackOverflow thread and a few paragraphs.


    • I never faced date picker issue on these browsers. That’s probably why I did not address it here.

      Did I ever mention in this post that it’s *my own* article? Blogging doesn’t mean that all articles should be own thoughts. I faced an issue, I referenced couple of articles that helped solving my issue. I wanted to share those articles with my readers. Simple as that.

      Thanks anyways, for the feedback.


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