13 Common ERP Mistakes You Should Avoid

Over at ERP Software Blog, MIBAR.net has shared an article from ITWorld.com about 13 Common ERP Mistakes that we should avoid.

It’s indeed a comprehensive list.

Below are the points, which are elaborated in that article:

  1. Poor Planning
  2. Improper ERP Vendors Vetting
  3. Not understanding / using Key Features
  4. Underestimating Time & Resources Required
  5. Not having right people on team from the start
  6. Not setting priorities
  7. Not investing in training & change management
  8. Underestimating the importance of accurate data
  9. Taking the kitchen sink approach
  10. Not decommissioning legacy applications
  11. Not having an active load testing environment
  12. Ignoring Third-Party support alternatives
  13. Not having a maintenance strategy

And I would like to add one further mistake:

  • Keep on changing requirements in the middle of actual implementation
  • Implementation without a concrete Sign-Off document

I believe the above list pretty much completes the most common mistakes that we might make in an ERP implementation.



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