Analytical Accounting “aagCreateTree” Dimension Creation Error Message & Reason

I received an email from one of the users with an attachment that displayed an error message while trying to create a new Analytical Accounting Dimension. Below is the screenshot that I received:

Upon debugging the stored procedure aagCreateTree, I realized that another stored procedure named aagGetCompanyStatus returned this error number 22004.

This stored procedure validates the version of Analytical Account and the status of particular company, from where you are trying to create a dimension. In my case, there was no record of this company at all.

I finally realized that Analytical Accounting company information was missing on table AAG00104 in DYNAMICS database. I am not sure how and why this could be missing, unless I forgot to run the AA company setup routines (which I did, to my best knowledge).

Solution: I had to rerun the AA company setup options again and recreate the records.

Just in case, someone faces this issue, make sure that you check AA company setup records.



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