Formatting SQL Procedures

Have you ever opened a standard GP stored procedure?

I do it at least on a weekly basis and have always found it impossible to read as it is. So I end up aligning the procedure first and then read it to understand the logic.

Not anymore. David has shared information on some portals which does this in seconds and give us an aligned code.

Standing out from his list is Poor SQL, from what I learned from my usage.

And there is a plugin for SSMS which does this from within SSMS. This tool is called SSMS Tools Pack.

Happy aligning.



4 thoughts on “Formatting SQL Procedures

  1. The SSMS Tools Pack is just awesome… Especially a couple of tools which I loved was to search through query results in grid layout and the option to generate insert statements for table data, and the insert statements are created in batches, which is even better…
    Great find!


  2. Vaidy, did you remember how many times we have formatted the stored procedures manually, right? This tool will really save our big time. Thank you very much for sharing this info.


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