Smartlist Favorite Visibility

Most of the queries that I am receiving from my users regarding Smartlist is like below:

1. Why my Smartlist Favorite is being shown to all?
2. I created a Smartlist Favorite in one company. It is not showing up in other company. Why?

Answer is quite simple and straightforward. They had not selected an appropriate *Visible To* option.

Smartlist favorites can be created with either one of available four different visibility options.

1. System
2. Company
3. User Class
4. User ID

Shown below is how it looks like:

1. System: Visible to all users across all companies.
2. Company: Visible to all users, but visible only on that particular company.
3. User Class: Visible to all users under the user class in which the user who creates this favorite is, but visible across all companies.
4. User ID: Visible only to this user, but across all companies.

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