Microsoft KB Articles – Is it really confidential?

I am well aware this post may kick up some controversies. But I honestly do not mind facing that.

Recently one of my contacts asked me about a GP process and asked my help in getting any KB articles related to that process. I said I would share the KB article number with him but since Microsoft says that it is all *confidential*, I cannot distribute the article directly or publish it directly on my website. I also mentioned that he could instead refer to that KB article number and look it up from Microsoft PartnerSource / CustomerSource. After all, I was under the impression that he’s also a Consultant and is working with a Partner, so ideally he has got access to PartnerSource.

After a week, I was quite shocked to know that he later *downloaded* the same KB article from some other website (I do not want to name this website here, as it is also a known Microsoft Dynamics Partner) as a PDF document. And he criticized me for giving him a lame reason for not sharing the article myself. Worst thing, he even accused me of being selfish in keeping information only with me. OK, that’s quite understandable from his side. What I don’t understand now is the term CONFIDENTIAL on all these KB articles.

Microsoft is keep these articles with a confidentiality tag and has given access ONLY via CustomerSource or PartnerSource. But in reality there are many people out there who clearly violates this *confidentiality* part and has published these articles open.

It’s quite simple. I just don’t want to look dumb in front of people when I say “These KB articles are confidential and are NOT supposedly to be distributed openly”. Well I am frankly serious. You feel like you are the most dumbest guy in this world by saying that. Come on, you have these articles openly sprayed out there on several websites (some of them are genuine Microsoft Dynamics Partners) and all you gotta do is to search and download it.

That brings on my mind several questions for Microsoft:

1. What’s the scope of confidentiality for all these KB articles?
2. On what basis this *confidentiality* is defined and when it is considered violated?
3. What is the real point in keeping these articles as confidential, if I can download these articles from anywhere anytime anyhow?
4. Why don’t you just take that *confidential* tag out and keep it open for all, irrespective of whether they have CustomerSource / PartnerSource access?



2 thoughts on “Microsoft KB Articles – Is it really confidential?

  1. Vaidy,I agree with you, but unfortunately nothing can be done to prevent people from sharing such information.Knowledgebase articles MUST remain confidential as a motivation to Dynamics customers so they remain on the enhancement plan and keep paying to Microsoft forever!Microsoft relies on professionals like you to maintain the confidentiality and they know that you will find pathetic consultants who are actually do not have professional ethics and they are looking to cover their weaknesses by sharing such information unofficially and by adding their names over MS name!Regards,Mohammad R. Daoud


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