CRM 4.0 Outlook Client Error Message – There was an error while executing action for this menu item/button.

It’s CRM Implementation again and this time quite good amount of time is involved in configuring CRM & GP to Business Requirements.

I faced an error message in CRM Outlook Client and thought I would share the fix to that error. I haven’t found one single answer on all available forums leading people in the right direction.

We have a new CRM Outlook Toolbar which is small yet powerfully packed with all relevant CRM activities that can be performed from within Outlook. The toolbar is shown below:

Using the “New Record” option shown above, we can create a new Lead/Contact/Account/Opportunity/etc/. This will open an IE browser window with relevant Creation form. Excellent, isn’t it? You don’t require to access CRM Web Client at all.

ISSUE: This issue that I faced would occur on following environment: Windows 7 / Vista, CRM 4.0 Outlook Client with Rollup 14 (latest), Outlook 2007 / 2010.

When you try to create a new item (Lead, Account, etc), you get an error message as shown below:

The above error message will then trigger the following IE behavior:

REASON: After some troubleshooting and surfing, some of the forum posts directed me to one single point: User Account Control (UAC). 

Invariably all those forum posts asked me to disable UAC for this CRM Outlook Toolbar functionalities to work, which is quite risky. I don’t want to compromise with that. So what else would be the solution? “Run as Administrator” of course.

SOLUTION: NEVER DISABLE UAC in Windows 7 / Vista. It’s not safe. But you can always set any Application Compatibility to “Run as Administrator“. Below is how you enable it for Outlook Application:

So that’s it. I closed Outlook and reopened it. CRM works merrily now from Outlook.



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