Online Services for Dynamics GP – Triggers GP "Add Command" Hanging Indefinitely

I am not sure whether the issue that I am going to explain here has got any relevance to the actual issue that I faced recently. I leave it to readers and consultants out there to second my finding had they faced this before.

Issue: When I tried adding a GP Window to my GP Home Page Quick Links, the Add Command window hung indefinitely, forcing me to kill GP and launch it back.

Troubleshooting: I first ran the Dex Script Log and it was unfortunately inaccessible as GP had to be killed eventually and this file got stuck in between. I then ran SQL Profiler exactly at the time of clicking “Add Microsoft Dynamics GP Window” which triggers “Add Command” window to be opened.

Firstly, the process was still active and there was one table which got hit in a loop, I sense that an indefinite loop. The Physical Name of that table is SY07110. The Technical Name is syMenuMstr.

Secondly, this indefinitely looped process was hitting only one product ID in that table, which is 6499. This 6499 denotes the product Dynamics Online Services.

Thirdly, when I queried this table from SSMS, it had 5700+ records out of which 3750+ records where recorded only for Command Dictionary ID (CmdDictID) 6499, which is Dynamics Online Services.

I was totally clueless why this must had got so many records on this Menu Master table. I was also totally clueless what needs to be done with this product being active on my GP environment.

Solution (Temporary): I removed the Dynamics Online Services product (using Add/Remove Features) and this issue never occurred later.

I checked KB and I checked blogs & forums to no avail. Guess I was the first one to face this. Uninstalling the product Dynamics Online Services, is not a permanent solution, and it does not affect any other process than the Quick Links one. But this seems to be either a bug or something which went wrong in my environment.

Have to do some more analysis on this to get a fix.



9 thoughts on “Online Services for Dynamics GP – Triggers GP "Add Command" Hanging Indefinitely

  1. Hi VaidyThis is caused by the same coding issue that caused the AA login performance issue on GP 10.0 SP5. can be seen using the following query after COUNT(*) from SY07110 where CmdParentDictID=6499A work around would be to add a SQL job to execute the following code dailydelete from DYNAMICS.dbo.SY07110 where CmdParentDictID = 6499I will get this logged as a bug.David


  2. Hello,I have a client that is on SP5 for GP but the Dynamics Online Services tables are not in their DB. So when the user goes to post cash receipts, she receives errors related to the following tables:• doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity• VMKT.dbo.DO10100• doCashWork• VMKT.dbo.DO10200How do I create the tables so these errors go away?Lyndy


  3. Hello there, I followed the advice that David gave on a test server that we noticed an increase of login time (about 6 minutes on fast computers). But the time didn't decreased. Also I noticed in a trace the loop to the SY07110 when i log in.So I erased the entire SY07110 table (be advice that I made it on a test database) and when i logged in the time decreased to 4 seconds!!!Algo I noticed that the more times I log in. The login time increse with the time.Hope you can help me to answer why this happens soon and if it is safe to erase the entire SY07110 (i read somewhere that doesn't)-Javier


  4. Hi Javier,The best way to tackle this issue is to delete the records pertaining to only Online Services product, which is mentioned in David's comment (read above).You can schedule this in SQL Server directly as SQL Job, at an appropriate time when all users are out of the system.Vaidy


  5. Hello there,I applied December hotfix on a controlled enviroment with only muself using the system (chunk and stored procedure)… Before the installation I checked that every login the SY07110 table increase by 29 recordsAfter the hotfix, each login the SY07110 table increase only by 2…. I checked again and those 2 records added each login are still CmdDictID=6499 (Dynamics Online Services)The fact that the increasing of records still exists but in a minor rate… But I guess that the problem will appear again on time.Please, any comments about that?Greetings,Javier Sandoval


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