Give Time to GP to complete it’s Process before an "End Task"

It was rightly put by Belinda about a Non-Responsive GP & Ending Task and I would like to re-blog the same point.

Often, people don’t understand that they are dealing with a Background Process in GP which is performing either a Posting or Transactional Activity and they straightaway do an “End Task”. This may result in following:

1. User Activity Lock
2. User Transactional Activity Lock – This is a bit critical, as it would not allow that user to even open any Transaction Entry window (which was open when they did the “End Task”)
3. Posting Process Interruption – This is hell critical, as it would keep the transaction in the middle; between Transaction Open and Transaction Posted. This is wreak havoc at times.

Like Belinda said, JUST WAIT. We all know that you are so busy with your Day-To-Day activities and do not have time to stare at GP for more than a minute, but sometimes you do have to understand that it’s a software and it just takes its time to complete a process depending on several factors.



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