Exam Dumps – Emerging Trend in Dynamics Community

I would have read nearly 10 LinkedIn discussion posts and couple more in Forums/Newsgroups for the past one month, asking for Exam Dumps to veer thru’ Dynamics Certifications (ranging from Product to Sure Step). Thought I would just share my thoughts.

The reasons in my opinion for this trend:

1. Employers urge employees to clear certification to get more points & benefits thru’ Microsoft Partner Program.
2. Clients urge Employers to show more “Certified” consultants instead of even “Experienced” consultants.
3. Employees think, in fact believe, that once they get one certification they are on top of the existing breed of consultants and they can be in a demanding position.

Are these just myths or facts? Let’s keep that argument aside and think from a broader perspective.

Any Certification IS A MUST for any consultant. There is no second thought about it. But it is NOT A MUST to GET ONE BY ANY MEANS.

Conventional thinking with respect to Exams, Certifications, etc. has long gone. It’s all about know the details about a certain Certification in 1 day, collect the information on Exam the next day, throw queries on Newgroups/Forums/Pro-Networking Sites about Exam Dumps and get information those who would have put in their blood, soul, efforts, emotions, etc. quite easily the third day, go thru’ the dumps and get confidence that we know all about that Certification the forth day, schedule an exam the fifth day, attend the exam the sixth day and GET the Certification seventh day.

It’s just about 7 days task to get one certification. Does this really help us? Some say it does. Clever people always think about first getting a job and then learn whatever comes on their way. Conventional people always believe in learning the product first and then make sure that they are eligible for a Certification. By experience they become the ones to prepare dumps instead of collecting it from others and unfortunately left behind by those who are clever.

Recently I read a similar question from a Consultant, who wanted to clear past a certain certification and replies were a resounding “Unless you practice these concepts, dumps will not help you at all”. Of course, people. Come on. We are not school kids anymore.

I am a Certified Consultant myself and I can certainly tell you all from my own experience. I also got some dumps (trust me, I never posted any queries on any forums for sure). But those dumps were mere dumps for me, after 6 years of my GP Technical & Functional consulting experience. I simply believe that if I know about GL Reversing Entry in general and in GP in particular, I can answer 1000 questions framed on top of it. I don’t require a dump in that case and I feel proud that I got certified on my own expertise and experience.

I have met many people who excelled in the product first (ask them anything from any nook and corner, you would get more than what you expected) and then went for Certification to make sure that they have one for formalities. I have also met people who got a certification first thru’ dumps and still looking for jobs.

I am sure all of us know how to drive a car more than how Quantum Physics work. Because we drive daily in our life, we practice it. To get a license, we must first attend the classes, know the rules and regulations of that country, practice it for sometime and then attend the test. It’s no different here as well.

It’s that simple. If I cannot understand what a client requires and how I am going to solve it for him/her, then my so called “Certified Consultant” tag is just a label. But if I do know how to, then I am a Consultant who is eligible to get Certified.

I leave this open to all of you to decide how you would like to approach this concept called Certification. Needless to say, I am certainly willing to learn from all of your viewpoints.



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