GP Cookbook – Can’t stop discuss about

There is a Preview Chapter available for this book, if you go to Packt Publishers site. I would like to highlight one more Recipe is quite simple yet very interesting and informative.

In that chapter, Organizing Dynamics GP, Mark explains us about User-Defined Fields, well a bit more than what we would have thought about. Mostly users think about User-defined fields only as additional information and sometimes take it as additional fields for integration from some source. Read this recipe and your perception would be expanded about these simple wonders.

And needless to say, I am very glad to spread my words about this book by adding the Amazon Link to this book. By doing this, I am:

1. Simplifying users’ searching for this book.
2. Urging my blog readers to give it a certain shot.
3. Just expressing what I thought about this book.

My Perception: If Packt could give us an entire chapter full of such nice tips as preview, we must understand what the rest of chapters and the recipes would give us.

And trust my words, you won’t feel let down.



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