Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook – A Treasure from Mark Polino

Alright, we have seen and read so many books. On top of that, we have umpteen blogs for GP, newsgroups, forums and what not…!!! In fact Microsoft Dynamics GP itself gives us tons of manuals; PDFs and Context Sensitive CHMs.

Mark Polino has written a book titled Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook. What’s different in this book from the ones that we have already?

Two crucial things:
1. This book tells us HOW TO USE GP and not what’s there in GP. It’s a practical guide and not just theory. It tells us the tip and also why that tip.
2. This book carries the immense experience that Mark has got over this long period of his career. And trust me, that experience is tremendous.

A guy who has crossed 2000 posts in his GP blog, who enlightened this GP Community with his 50 Tips in 50 Minutes and made it THE TOPIC of this year’s Convergence, Mark has consolidated all of his experience to give us a collection of tips to USE GP in an efficient way.

Will I get benefited from this book? Will this book offer what I want? Will this book prove that it’s worth of what I pay for it?

Now please quit asking such questions and read this sample chapter: Organizing Dynamics GP.

The publisher of this book, Packt Publishing, has given us the above chapter as an extract from the book.

Trust me, the other chapters are just better than each other.

For instance, Mark explains the option “Allow Sale of Discontinued Items”, which I bet most of us (at least me) would have struggled to find. Those who are that “Adventurous” type would have known that, but certainly not all.

There are 290 pages of crucial tips which will enhance any GP Consultant / Administrator. And sure, I can go on and on about this book.

This book certainly live up to anyone’s expectation of getting enriched with GP Tips. I sincerely recommend to go for this book and keep it in your library. Any point of time, you can come back to this book and it will tell you what’s needed real-time.

Thanks so much, Mark, for giving us this book full of awesome tips. And I am sure we can expect more from you in future as well.



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