Search KB, Newsgroups & GP Blogosphere – Make it a Habit

Today morning, I downloaded Dynamics GP Downloads file from Mark’s Skydrive account (Thanks Mark, for that). And I was quite surprised to see the CapsLock Reminder VBA post by Patrick Roth, dated way back in 2009. And I did write my own code in early March this year, completely not aware of Patrick’s.

I would have certainly saved 1 hour, had I checked the KB, Newgroups & Blogs (need not be in the same order).

David & Mariano often insists on this point, and I would also like to insist more on that in the wake of my own experience(s).

It’s nice to write our own code and get some kind of “accomplished” satisfaction, but if you are running out of time and need something at the earliest, the best place without doubt is our GP Blogosphere.

A Small Tip: Having these Important Sites as Favorites in our Browser(s) is not a bad idea at all.



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