Creating Detail Window in Extender – Error & Resolution

I am working on Extender features after quite some time.

I was creating a Detail Window for Service Call Entry/Update window in Field Service. I entered Window ID, Description, Product, Series, Form & Window. I selected a Key Field and entered one Line Field.

I tried saving the Detail Window and I got this error message:

Certain Extender features and data may no longer be available with the installation of this product. It is recommended you reference your product manual before continuing.

I was quite puzzled to see this message as this is conveying something more like, I am not suppose to create a Detail Window at all. Or probably I perceived it in that sense.

I thought I would check KB before I conclude my defeat. I found a KB article which addresses this exactly: KB#947934.

My mistake. I did not select R1 or R2 for the Line Field that I tried creating. Obviously, we must specify whether the field which we are trying to create should be in first line or second line. And if we do not specify, Extender does not understand and create it automatically.

Having said that, the Error Message could have been a bit relevantly meaningful.



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