In General – Critical Mistakes Freelancers Commit

I read this article today: Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make, by Robert Bowen in Smashing Magazine.

I would admit that this article will enlighten all Freelancers (and also the Soon-To-Be Freelancers). The points which are highlighted in this article are really critical and those who want to become a Successful Freelancer must read this.

Added to what is explained in that article, I would also add one more point: Put Quality over Price of your Project.

I would rather take up a project which will educate me more with concepts than a project which is simply going to increase my Bank Account. I am not advocating that Money is not at all important. All I am trying to say is: Price will automatically start coming if you have the Substance in you. And to gain that Substance, you need to take up more Concepts Oriented Projects instead of mere Touch & Go ones.

You are most welcome to share your thoughts on this with our Community.



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