Is it a right choice of being an Independent Consultant?

I bet, it is. I came here to Middle East for an assignment which involves the direct interaction with the realtime business and the people who work on it.

So far, I had never been able to understand the Accounting & it’s principles because I used to think from GP’s perspective. If someone ask me where & how to enter Sales Order in GP, I would certainly tell them. If someone seek assistance from me on modifying a form, I would do it merrily.

But only now I have started thinking from this dimension: Understanding the Business and thereby arriving at a solution. I had never got a chance to understand the core Accounting Principles but here I am doing it. I have been provided with a golden oppurtunity to learn and improve myself as a Consultant.

I am more than happy to oblige that.

I would recommend all Consultants to be associated with at least one Client directly in their career and work with them for their Business Implementation. I am sure, that will enlighten to unexpected levels.



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