Extender 10.0 SP4 – An Important Improvement & A Critical Miss

One major issue which was in the previous versions of Extender was:

When we delete an Extender Window or Detail Window, the respective records were not deleted and that leaves substantial orphan records in the EXT tables.

This issue is fixed in Extender 10.0 SP4. Now deleting a Window/Detail Window will not delete the underlying records also. Now that’s another critical point. The user should be intimated about this when he/she try to delete from Extender Maintenance form.

The issue which I thought could have been fixed in Extender 10.0 SP4 has not yet got fixed, much to my disappointment. Which is this:

When we change the Key fields for an Extender Window (add a field or remove an existing key field), the records pertaining to the old key combination will be left in the EXT tables.

This is a very big flaw in Extender feature. While this do not often happen, when it happens though, we will be left with pretty nasty orphan records which do not have any meaning at all.

I am not quite sure what the technical difficulty that Extender Developers may face when they try incorporating this much needed functionality. But to my knowledge, this looks pretty simple to get it work.



4 thoughts on “Extender 10.0 SP4 – An Important Improvement & A Critical Miss

  1. If i have an Extender window attached to any screen (Ex. Account Maintiance) would deleting the parent record (Ex. an account) delete the underlying records?If not how to do so?Thanks


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