Dumbest Software Pirate – Off (On) the Record

This one is nothing to do with Dynamics GP and it’s related technologies. But it is worth mentioning in this blog.

I read this most hilarious CodeSmith forum post and replies, wherein a user (calling himself/herself as “dushyant”) asks the CodeSmith Forum a serial key to crack the CodeSmith Professional 5.1.X product?!?!?!?!?!?! You heard it right. A user logged on to ask CodeSmith Product Forum itself to provide him a Serial Key to crack the CodeSmith Pro product.

Read it here: Need Serial Key.



3 thoughts on “Dumbest Software Pirate – Off (On) the Record

  1. Vaidy,That's a good one for me to laugh entire day. Luckily we never come across such a person in any of Dynamics Forums fortunately I guess. It is really strange to see they are trying to help him providing with keys?


  2. Hi Janakiram,Well actually those people were making some good fun of him. If you read the Serial Keys that were shared on this post, all keys are mere statements which are abbreviated as Serial Keys. For instance, the first most key sent out reads something like this "Only an Idiot can ask us like this question." Something.But awesome post and replies. I loved it.Vaidy


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