A New Beginning in my Career

It’s official now. I am now an Independent Dynamics GP Consultant.

There several parameters that drove me to take this decision. First: I wanted to enjoy the work I do and when I enjoy my work, my productivity increases. And that’s exactly what I am going to do now. Second: I wanted to work directly with the clients & their realtime business to understand both the Accounting Processes and GP pretty well. This would give me a chance to learn both. Third & Other: Not that important at this stage, anyways.

The major difference that I had seen in all these years:

1. When I worked for an IT Company, there were many a situation that I had to satisfy both your Employer and Client, which in my opinion is very difficult and needless.

When I work with the Client directly, I am the owner of my tasks and the only person whom I am suppose to satisfy is my Client. The client is going to take care of my requirements and I am going to take care of his/her Business Requirements.

2. When I worked for an IT Company, the job was more secured, but it did not promise me a sense of satisfaction always.

When I work with the Client directly, there is a huge risk and my job is not always secured, but it does promise tremendous levels of challenges and once I overcome those with flying colors, I have everything: Satisfaction, Sense of Achievement, Reputation and not to forget, a bit more Money.

3. When I worked for an IT Company, I got paid every month regularly, but it did not paved way for me to realize what I always dreamt, to become a Consultant. I always used to tell my Ex-Colleagues; We have to get some interesting tasks to carry out OR We have to get some Monetary Benefits OR We have to at least climb the Corporate Ladder so that we can at least be proud of our Designations. When we fail to get nothing out of those three, something somewhere is wrong and needs some correction.

When I work with the Client directly, I will be paid only for what I deliver and its quality. And that would give me some nightmares, tons of responsibilities and in the end it gives what I aspire: Real Experience, Satisfaction & Reputation. I will gradually learn to spend more Quality Hours than mere Hours.

4. When I worked for an IT Company, I never had my own Identity. If the company performs well, my performance was measured accordingly. If the company performs less, quite unfortunately my performance was questioned more than once. And this invariably affected my enthusiasm in doing my tasks.

When I work with the Client directly, it is even more risky that my Identity and Reputation gets a beat. But that very thought would burn my poor qualities and will always drive me towards Quality Work.

Honesly, I am not advocating of becoming an Independent Consultant the only way to achieve in our lives. Those are my views and due to which I have taken this decision.

I sincerely hope and wish that I would do justice to my decision and do what I aspire.



6 thoughts on “A New Beginning in my Career

  1. Vaidy,I wish you good luck in your new career path. At the same time, I suggest you to be balanced in your approach as it is quite a sensitive path. Now you have two folded responsibilities. One, winning a client and Two gaining the customer confidence thereby creating a goodwill for yourself as an independent consultant. As you said correctly, that presents you in turn with a great amount of opportunities combined with challenges. You'd need a lot of patience and I'm sure it pays you good results in the longer term. Again and again, Wish you good luck and I'd definitely look forward to your success in your chosen career path.


  2. My first reaction on reading the post was- the grass is always greener on the other side 🙂 As somebody who has worked as an Independently as well as with companies … I know what you are talking about. I wish you good luck for the future. I am sure you will do well as you seem to be a person who is very well organized. Jivtesh


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