GP 10.0 SP4 for Dexterity

Looks like we are yet to get the Dexterity SP4 Update. I was going thru’ the version details of Dynamics GP 10.0 Features and for Dexterity the latest version Post SP4 is 10.00.0324.

But after I applied the SP4 on my environment, I am still having Dex 10.00.0320 (Pre SP4). I remember I read this information from a LinkedIn GP Forum and I thought I would first check this out before I confirm.

For those who are looking for Dex SP4 Update, please wait till we see it available on PartnerSource.



2 thoughts on “GP 10.0 SP4 for Dexterity

  1. I have been asked to make a backup of the GP client code (on our each individual GP server) and that this backup should be available for that last 4 days. I am not sure exactly what they mean by this and how to do it.Any ideas?


  2. Well, I am not quite sure what this means either. More information would be better, as clients use rather generic terms which may imply more than one specific meaning.I would recommend to have a detailed discussion on this with your client.Vaidy


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