SQL Maintenance Scare – Janakiram MP

Alright, this one was a real scary incident.

I was wondering what would have happened if Janakiram MP did not find that 2 months prior backup of DYNAMICS. Worst, if the mentioned guy had done anything on any Company Database, life would have been even more miserable.

Just some addition of my thoughts:

1. Always be there for your client when they try doing any sort of maintenance that involve Dynamics related DBs. This does not really mean that we have to be physically present for each and every backup and restore that they take on the databases. But at least, mention very clearly to the clients, once the implementation is over, that they ought to be very careful when they do any kind of maintenance which involve DYNAMICS and/or Company DBs. And assure them that you would be available for any support in doing that.

2. When we do such things, we MUST take the database backups before we start. It’s completely ridiculous to do anything SQL without a backup.

3. Always ensure that we schedule a Backup of DYNAMICS & Company DBs, and always remember that this is a part of our Implementation. It’s us, as a Partner, who are suppose to guide the Clients’ Sys Admin in understanding the importance of taking scheduled backups. It’s not a bad idea either to have it scheduled by ourselves and inform the clients about the physical location on the Server.



One thought on “SQL Maintenance Scare – Janakiram MP

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Vaidy. This is where the importance of having a partner would come into picture. The client I was talking about got it implemented several years before with a different partner and was with us on per call support and not on an AMC thinking to manage it on their own and would want to utilize the Partner only in extreme trouble cases. What else can it be an extreme trouble scenario than this?


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