“Stop Here” Mystery Solved

Alright. This one is solved.

This is the message that I am referring to:


Thanks to David; his comments really eased my troubleshooting. But then, I still had to delete each product from the DYNAMICS.SET file and find out which one that’s throwing this message.

The product, which throws this message, is: Grant Management

This comes under the product Analytical Accounting, as a sub-product (or sub-feature).

Now the question that comes to my mind is: For what reason this message is getting populated? Is it something really critical? Or is it just another example of a Developer’s Mistake to leave this message on the code after completing his/her Unit Testing?

Till we find an answer to that, for those who have faced this message: Just make sure that you have the DEBUG menu disabled (by setting the ScriptDebugger=FALSE statement in DEX.INI) and in case it is needed, deselect the Debug Menu Option “Show Debug Messages”.



4 thoughts on ““Stop Here” Mystery Solved

  1. Thank you David. But this is not the only message that comes up when we enable the "Show Debug Messages" option. In fact I was getting a Manufacturing message which displays a Sanscript Code piece which checks whether the product is present in the DYNAMICS database records. I thought I would post that as well.Apparently, these messages do add value, but only for debugging. Once it is done, we tend to forget removing these messages.Vaidy


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