Office Palooza Novice Challenges – My Solutions

It was certainly a learning curve for me to learn such interesting and new concepts. There are lots more to learn, but I have certainly taken a big step on the right direction.

I was able to clear all 10 challenges and have also got selected for a sweepstake. What’s more that I can ask for?

Now it’s time to share my learning and the knowledge that I have acquired based on the challenges. Please do visit this link to download the solutions: Office Palooza – Novice Challenges – Vaidy’s Approach. There can be (are) much better solutions to all these challenges, but by sharing my solutions, I could probably start a healthy discussion on my approach to each challenge and the respective solution. To more about each challenge and refer my solution, visit the site: Office Palooza Challenges List.

It may seem to be repetitive, but it’s worth to be. I am Thankful to David for his article and leading me (probably more GP consultants out there) to know a contest like this and learn new things.



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