VBA Online Workshop – Mariano

Well, this is one of my all-time favorites. I have been completely interested and involved in VBA Customizations nowadays, and Mariano’s Online VBA Workshop came at the right time.

First article, Adding Custom Fields and Lookups to a Window, is a step by step detailed article on how to add custom resources and lookups to any window. The beauty of VBA is that, we can develop seemingly complex customizations involving any forms and 3rd party products, with less or just above less efforts.

Second article, Setting Up the VBA Project, explains us the points: Adding Windows & Objects to VBA, Setting up Cross Dictionary References with VBA and Adding VBA Code with the VBA Editor. The best part of VBA, to stress this again, is it’s coding. We can write a single statement instead of bulk of statements. The code example given in this article, which opens the Smartlist Debtors/Prospects Lookup, is just a single line of code, but actually it would have involved more than just that. Adding Cross Dictionary References to our VBA project reduces the bulkiness of coding.

Third and Final article, Adding VBA Code to the Project, explains us how to write code to our VBA project. Topics covered are: UserInfoGet(), Continuum API & DUOS. VERY VERY important topics for any VBA developer to know. I do have couple of samples up my sleeves, but this one is NOT just the sample. It is going to be more like a Dynamics GP VBA for Dummies.

Thank you Mariano, for this wonderful workshop. This workshop has just kindled further my interest in VBA and related topics.



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